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About Us

KINGSGOLD is owned by PT Berkah Investama Bersama (PT BIB), consist of a team of highly respected and renowned individuals who believes in social economic growth of Indonesian

At KINGSGOLD, it's our belief that every Indonesian should be able to own gold and we have made it easy at the tip of everyone's finger.

KINGSGOLD is designed and built as a highly secured online gold transaction platform that allows purchase / sale /storage / redemption of gold.

Executive Committee


Commissioner/Chairman, PT BIB

MR. Hamdan is a highly respected Indonesian politician and lawyer. He was the Chief Justice of the Indonesian Constitutional Court from 2013 to 2015.

He currently chairs the Indonesian Muslim Party Syarikat Islam and acts as the Vice- Chairman of Muslim Youth Secretariat.

Lauded for his drive and advocating a fair and just legal system, he also encourages nation building for Indonesian and its Government by actively contributing to the legal society in Indonesia.


President Director, PT BIB

MR. Basri is a businessman and a serial entrepreneur in both Indonesia and Malaysia for over 25 years. He has extensive experience in the Oil & Gas business and the I.T. industry.

He also leads the Community Economic Institution, an organization formed to reduce the economic gap of Indonesians. In addition, Pak Basri champions the skillset and quality improvement of Indonesian migrant workers overseas.

He is currently the Vice-Chairman of Syarikat Islam as well as the Chairman of Indonesia Berzakat.

As a board advisor to the management of KINGS Group for the ASEAN region, he brings his vast experience to the group in shaping their business strategies.


Commissioner, PT BIB

Ms. Rima successfully helms PT. United Balimunda with a motto "To Be The Most Trusted Organization". Voted one of the Top 50 most influential women in Indonesia, Ms Rima is a strong advocate of bridging the social economic gap in Indonesia. As an owner of many plantations ranging from Coffee, Clove to Crude Palm Oil; she is constantly seeking ways for Indonesian industries to climb up the value-chain.

Ms Rima is also the Country Chief Executive, KINGS Group, Indonesia where she holds a crucial role in maintaining the network of business relations for Kings Group's operations.